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Hi everyone, and thanks for coming to My Hunger Games Wiki! Everyone's heard of the games, right? Well, I'm starting from the very beginning, and writing in detail every single game. You know what would be really helpful? Tributes. I can't make up all the characters, I need some help! Create a new page and title it '*your username here* Tributes'. On it you can Write a brief bio about the tribute: I'll stop by, take a look, and maybe use them for the games! Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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Picture it: you are standing in a group of kids your age, at the annual reaping for the Hunger Games. Everyone is scared, knowing their name is in the bowl at least once. Some kids have it in forty times. You shudder as the District's escort reaches her hand into the bowl and pulls out a name. She unfolds it at an agonizingly slow pace, then reads the name with excitement. It's you! The escort has read your name! You walk over to the stage on shaky legs and climb the stairs. You have just been given a death-sentence. That's how almost all tributes feel when they are reaped. Want to learn what happens to them after that? Read on!

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1st Hunger Games

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