District 1

Riley Kayla Miller, female, 16 years

Blake Andrew Clark, male, 16 years

District 2

Kamryn Lucy Martinez, female, 16 years

Jacob Aaron Wood, male, 14 years

District 3

Hailey Gail Fisher, female, 17 years
  • Riley Miller
  • Kamryn Martinez
  • Hailey Fisher
  • Lillian Hunter
  • Bailey Thompson
  • Rose Hamilton
  • Samantha Baker
  • Taylor Anderson
  • Allyssa Martin
  • Aaliyah Brown
  • Angel Smith
  • Lauren Hunter
  • Blake Clark

Chase Rayn Campbell, male, 16 years

District 4

Lillian Poppy Hunter, female, 14 years

Mason Samuel Jones, male, 17 years

District 5

Bailey Caroline Thompson, female, 17 years

Adam Jonathen Park, male, 15 years

District 6

Rose Beth Hamilton, female, 13 years

Christopher Liam Scott, male, 15 years

District 7

Samantha Emily Baker, female, 17 years

Nathan George Chandler, male, 18 years

District 8

Taylor Mackenzie Anderson, female, 18 years

Joisiah Peter Hill, male, 17 years

District 9

Allyssa Lily Martin, female, 12 years

Alexander Jordan Ross, male, 17 years

District 10

Aaliyah Mary Brown, female, 14 years

Aiden Joe Carter, male, 18 years

District 11

Angel Meg Smith, female, 14 years

Matthew Hunter Taylor, male, 18 years

District 12

Lauren Ceciele Hunter, female, 13 years

Aster Joseph Migrove, male, 16 years


The arena for the 1st Hunger Games is a large forest, covering most of the area. There are a variety of trees, including oak, birch and ash.

Crescent Meadow

The meadow in the east of the forest

On the east side of the forest is a large meadow, with no cover whatsoever. A few flowers grow around the edge, but they are all poisonous. Any tribute who steals them will die.

On the north side of the forest is a huge lake, with little creeks and rivers breaking away and into the forest. On the far side of lake it's a marsh, with tons of reeds and soaked moss. The lake itself is full of fish, and if you can catch them, they're good to eat. However, at a certain time each day, the fish disappear and are replaced by deadly piranhas. Also, the water becomes poisonous, so if any tribute drinks it at this time, they will die.

On the northern side of the arena is a cliff, a sheer drop to the river below. A tribute could easily be chased of the edge, meeting their fate at the bottom.

To the south is a large area with no water source but one, a small, crystal-clear pool.

The Cornucopia is located in the north-western corner, surrounded on all sides by trees. Its about thirty meters from anyone tribute plate, across the hard-packed gravel, and to the shiny horn. On the northern side of the field is a thin layer of trees, just thick enough that no one can see what's on the other side. It might even look like just another part of the forest. But, behind the trees is a sheer drop to death, mentioned earlier.

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The cliff

The horn itself is overflowing with objects that will keep the tributes alive: food, water, garments, weapons, shelter, medicine and more. The items decrease in value the farther they are from the Cornucopia, for example: in the mouth of the horn you might see a golden sheath of thirty arrows and a perfect bow, while about a meter from your feet is a sharp, rusty piece of metal.

Ther is something very unique about this arena: it changes seasons every three days. It will begin with spring, the flowers in the meadow are peaking out, and fish are plentiful. Three days later, it will turn to summer. The temperature will rize, making it humid and hard to run for long distances.

Wait another three days, and you'll see the trees change to colours of autumn: red, orange, yellow and brown. This might be the nicest kind of weather to look at, but it's very hard to move quietly through the forest, as stepping on dead leaves and twigs makes quite a bit of noise.

The last season is winter. Temperatures plummet, the lake and rivers freeze, and frost covers the trees. It's possible that you might freeze to death overnight. After another three days, the cycle starts over again, as long as there are tributes in the arena.

Chariot RidesEdit

District 1:

The District 1 chariot rolls down the cobblestone street, dazzling the crowd. It isn't hard to tell that the theme is precious gems. The four magnificent white horse's reigns and leather straps are replaced with long chains of sapphire, diamond and ruby. The cart is also white, with red silk curtains that are pulled back so the tributes are visible.

Riley is wearing a beautiful dress made of blue, purple and white jewels. She has white gloves that reach her elbow, and her hair is tied back into a loose bun. A strand of brown hair falls across the left side of her face, adding to the effect. A purple flower made of jewels has been put in her hair.

Blake, meanwhile, is just as good-looking. He is wearing a pair of black pants and a white shirt, with a jacket of bright green emeralds. His tie is made of shining yellow jewels, probably quartz. He is also wearing white gloves, very similar to Riley's. They are both waving and smiling at the crowd, sometimes blowing kisses.

The Capitol goes wild as the chariot moves away, and they can see on the back the words, 'Riley and Blake' set with fiery red rubies. District 1 had an amazing chariot, and probably the most expensive. Riley and Blake are definatly a favorite.

District 2:

The District 2 chariot rolls in after the sparkling chariot of District 1. This one is quite dark in comparison to the first: the horses and chariot have been made to look like stone, with nothing else to look at. On top of the chariot is a statue of a boy and a girl, holding hands and dancing.

The crowd can't see any windows on the chariot, and they wonder where the tributes are. Suddenly the statue begins to move, like it's actually dancing.

The crowd laughs when they realize that the statues are the tributes themselves. Jordan and Kamryn have been dressed up and painted to look exactly like stone.

They turn to the crowd, still holding hands, and wave. The crowd laughs and whistles with pleasure. District 2 was very memorable.

District 3:

A third chariot slowly follows the first two. It appears to be made of different kinds of metal, making a patchwork of metal plates. The two front horses are a beautiful chestnut colour with black manes and tails, while the two back horses are a smokey black colour.

Hailey is sitting in the chariot staring blankly at the wall in front of her. Her face has been painted a copper colour, and she's wearing a dress that has been made to look like metal. A flap is sticking out on her chest, and, if you look closely, there appears to be gears beneath it.

Chase is dressed in brown pants and a gray shirt, with oil stains on his fingers. He is holding a pair of small pliers and it looks like he's working on the gears in Hailey's chest.

The crowd likes the idea, it's very creative. A few clap and there are a few whistles, but that's about it.

District 4:

Oohs and ahs are immediately heard when Lillian and Mason's chariot rolls in. The horses are a bright silver colour, while the chariot is made entirely out of glass. It's amazing it doesn't break. Between the glass are hundreds of different fish, swimming around.

Inside the chariot Lillian and Mason sit, waving and smiling.

Lillian is wearing a pretty dress with short sleeves and a skirt that reaches her knees. The bodice is made to look like silver scales, while the skirt is midnight black. She has a clip in her hair, pulling it up out of her eyes. The clip almost looks like a shell.

Mason is wearing a white shirt, a black jacket and pants with the same style as Lillian's bodice. He has a small piece of coral in his blonde hair. The theme is obviously fish. The chariot rolls away, followed by hoots and whistles from the crowd. District 4: another favorite.

District 5:

The technology district is next. Bailey and Adam are sitting in a chariot covered with solar-panels. It's a little odd, watching them go by. And what do their costumes have to do with the theme?

Bailey is wearing a dress with no sleeves and a skirt that reaches her knees. It's made of red velvet, while Adam is wearing a black suit. What this has to do with District 5? The crowd is unsure.

District 6:

The crowd is unimpressed as the next chariot follows District 5. The transportation district appears to have replaced the front of their chariot with the front of an old-fashioned train. The horses are a coal black colour, pulling the 'train' along.

Rose is dressed in an old-fashioned, blue dress. Her apron is a yellowish colour, with what looks like coffe stains in a few places. She has a bonnet covering her blonde hair, which has been pulled back into two braids. Despite the odd-looking cart, the crowd gives a small aplause when they see her.

Christopher is dressed in an old conductors outfit, complete with a hat. He has a blue plaid shirt and overalls, with a red scarf tied around his kneck. He has a few coal stains on his face, as if he has been working on the engine of a train.

Although the chariot doesn't look impressive, the tributes get a round of apluase.

District 7:

The District 7 chariot appears. As usual, the theme is trees. The chariot is made out of wood, with leaves around the rim, making it look like...a tree. The horses are also brow, as usual.

Samantha is wearing a brown dress with both a long skirt and long sleeves. Her hair is tied into a braid, with clusters of green leaves where they meet her head. Both Nathan and her are waving, smiling, and blowing kisses everywhere.

Nathan is also wearing brown: brown pants, brown vest, and a brown tie. The only thing not brown is his white shirt. The crowd stares blankly at them, and almost no one claps. Anything would be impressive compared to this.

District 8:

A round of hoots and whistles starts up as the chariot from the cloth district pulls in. Clothe of every type and colour hang from the chariot, giving the effect that it's changing colour. Each of the four white horses have a silk sadle and a red or blue tassle hanging over their head.

Taylor is wearing a bright red dress with a translucent piece of silk hanging over her eyes. A crown of pink flowers is in her hair, and she's smiling and waving at the crowd. Her hair has been put up into a loose bun, quite similar to Riley's, only she has two strands of hair instead of one.

Josiah is wearing blue pants, a white shirt, a black vest and a blue tie. He has a pair of white gloves on, and a pink flower in his vest pocket that matches Taylor's crown of flowers.

A round of aplause follows their colourful chariot as it rolls away.

District 9:

The next chariot is for the wheat district. It has been made to look like an old covered wagon, with brown and gray horses. Allyssa and Alexander sit at the front, holding the reigns and steering the horses down the street.

Allyssa is wearing a dress very similar to Rose. It's green with some sort of pattern. Her hair has also been tied into two braids with a bonnet and an apron wrapped around her waist.

Alexander is wearing jeans and a plaid shirt, with a straw hat. The two are supposed to look as if they're coming from a farm.

The crowd whistles and claps, although the chariot isn't memorable since it was quite similar to District 6.

District 10:

Aiden and Aaliyah, from District 10, are next. The crowd is surprised by their approach: two brown horses walk in, and the two tributes are riding them.

They are wearing matching outfits: brown pants, a white shirt, a sparkling yellow vest, and a matching cowboy hat. They both have brown boots on that reach their knees, and Aaliyah has had her hair pulled into a braid.

Aiden is holding a rope and swinging it around, as if he were trying catch something.

The crowd gives a wonderful reaction, clapping, whistling and hooting. A few of the Careers shoot envious glances at them as they start to move away.

District 11:

Training ScoresEdit

Tribute Name Score
Riley Miller


Blake Clark 9
Kamryn Martinez 9
Jacob Wood 7
Hailey Fisher 4
Chase Campbell 6
Lillian Hunter 6
Mason Jones 10
Bailey Thompson 5
Adam Park 4
Rose Hamilton 8
Christopher Scott 6
Samantha Baker 9
Nathan Chandler 8
Taylor Anderson 3
Josiah Hill 6
Allyssa Martin 7
Alexander Ross 8
Aaliyah Brown 8
Aiden Carter 9
Angel Smith 5
Matthew Taylor 7
Lauren Hunter 4
Aster Migrove 6

The GamesEdit

Day 1Edit

Taylor stands on her metal plate, looking around while the seconds tick by. The Cornucopia is about thirty meters away, overflowing with things that will keep the tributes alive. She is eyeing an axe near the mouth, with a long handle and a silver piece of sharp metal on the end. The gong goes off and she runs for it.

Mason spies her and runs forward, grabbing a short spear and thrusting it into her side. She is dead before she hits the ground. Mason runs straight into the bloodbath along with the other Careers.

Adam has turned and started to run into the woods, not wanting to be killed in the same way. Riley spots him and aims a bow she picked up earlier, shooting it into the back of his neck. Blood spurts onto the hard packed dirt as he falls.

Allyssa has grabbed a small backpack and a slingshot, along with a sachel of sharp, rusty pieces of metal. She ducks as Riley shoots an arrow at her, but it grazes her shoulder, ripping her shirt. She clutches the tattered clothe and runs into the woods, unable to return fire.

Christopher and Haley eye the same backpack, probably full of life-sustaining items. They race for it, but grab the straps at the same time. They struggle for a minute, ignoring the tributes around them. Christopher secretly pulls a dagger from his boot and stabs Haley in the chest. She falls to the ground with a scream of pain. The girl pulled out the dagger and dies a moment later.

Bailey and Aiden are fighting for a set of how and arrows, when Bailey grabs one of the arrows and swings it at Christopher. A red line appears on his back. He staggers around for a bit before Kamryn throws a knife into his stomache.